The Right Approach to Property Division Issues in a Divorce

A recent post here discussed the differences between community property and separate property. This distinction can have a dramatic effect on the property division process when a couple gets divorced. It can lay the foundation for an individual’s post-divorce finances, which means that it needs to be handled carefully and competently.

The legal team at Creative Family & Corporate Solutions knows how to look for and identify property that is separately owned from community property. We are skilled at making legal arguments that seek to remove assets from property division negotiations. This gives our clients better financial footing post-divorce, especially since they still retain the right to take ownership of a fair share of the community property as well.

Property can carry both a financial and a sentimental value. This can make negotiating property division challenging. Having the outside point-of-view of an attorney can allow you to make better decisions for your future. Our dedicated and aggressive legal team stands ready to assist clients in fighting for their goals. Yet, we are sure to advise our clients as to how certain decisions may affect them for a long time to come, thereby allowing informed decisions to be made.

While most property division issues are settled during negotiations, sometimes there is too much conflict amongst the parties to reach such an outcome. In these instances, the matter may need to be litigated. This will require you to put forth evidence, witnesses and compelling legal arguments to convince a judge to rule in your favor. If you find yourself in this situation, then you’ll likely find yourself more comfortable having a competent legal advocate in your corner.

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