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Gestational Surrogacy vs. Traditional Surrogacy in California

Surrogacy is when a woman bears a child for a couple who is unable to conceive on their own – there are two types of surrogacy:

  • Traditional Surrogacy – When the biological mother is artificially inseminated with either the sperm of a donor or that of the intended father.
  • Gestational Surrogacy – When a woman carries a baby that has been conceived using an egg from the intended mother, or a donor, and sperm from the intended father, or a donor.

Once the parent(s) have found a match, each party must go through a screening process to ensure the best odds for a successful pregnancy.

This process includes:

  • physical examination;
  • emotional health; and
  • psychological evaluation.

In addition to the above criteria, the FDA has strict testing guidelines for egg and sperm donors. The guidelines are in place to prevent the spread of any disease to the surrogate.

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Why Choose Gestational Surrogacy?

A gestational surrogate mother has no genetic connection to the baby because it wasn’t her egg used during the insemination process. However, she is still referred to as the birth mother of the baby because she carried it to term.

People who may choose gestational surrogacy include:

  • Couples who struggle with infertility
  • Single people hoping for a child
  • Same-sex couples
  • Anyone unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term

Defending Your Interests during All Stages

Whether you have altruistic or financial reasons for serving as a surrogate, our lawyers can ensure that you understand your obligations and protections you are provided under relevant California laws.

When you retain our services, we will:

  • Educate you on your rights and requirements as a surrogate
  • Review and submit the correct paperwork to your surrogacy agency
  • Review, negotiate, and revise your surrogacy agreement with the intended parents
  • With the aid of an expert, review healthcare policies for surrogacy coverage
  • Ensure the intended parents transfer your monthly allowance and compensation in a timely fashion

Helping others welcome newborns into their families can be a joyous event. You can depend on our firm to examine all issues and discuss all possible outcomes with you. As your legal ally, we want you to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead before you commit to a course of action.

Strongly Representing Clients across Roseville, Sacramento & Surrounding Areas

Gestational surrogacy can be a life-changing experience for all parties involved. For gestational carriers, it can be rewarding to bring a baby into the world for intended parents. Bearing a child is not without risks, however, which is why it is important that you take care to protect your welfare before, during, and after your pregnancy. Parents looking to have a child through surrogacy can either locate a surrogate on their own or with the help of a gestational surrogacy attorney.

Our attorneys at Cianci Law, PC represent gestational mothers during the surrogacy process. We advise clients of their options before they sign the surrogacy contract and advocate for clients when intended parents fail to fulfill the term of their agreement.

We invite you to connect with our team at (916) 797-1575 or by filling out our online contact form.

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