Long-Term Musical Couple Announces Split

Another long-term, high-profile California couple seems to be going their separate ways. Singers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have announced that they are ending their nearly 13-year marriage. Stefani, of the group No Doubt and the television show “The Voice” and Rossdale, the frontman for the group Bush, issued a joint statement announcing the break-up.

Reportedly the couple had no prenuptial agreement. If that’s the case, under California law, their considerable assets would be divided equally. Reports put Stefani’s net worth at anywhere between $80 million and $100 million. Her husband’s net worth is said to be $35 million. Stefani owns a clothing line, L.A.M.B., as well as a fragrance line called Haruku Lovers.

Stefani, 45, and Rossdale, 49, who have been a couple for two decades, have three children together. They range in age from just 17 months to 9 years old. According to Stefani’s attorney, she is seeking joint physical and legal custody of them.

The couple cited irreconcilable differences as the reason behind the split, which thus far appears to be amicable. However, the rumor mill has cited Rossdale’s touring schedule, which keeps him away from home for long periods as well as a possible affair with the nanny as reasons for the split.

Although most couples don’t have this level of assets to divide up when they divorce, it’s not uncommon for one partner to earn considerably more or be worth more financially than his or her spouse. Thus, in community property states like California, the spouse with more assets can come out on the losing end financially in a divorce.

This is why a prenuptial agreement or even a postnuptial agreement for people with varying levels of income and/or wealth should be a consideration while things are going well before or during the marriage. However, absent that, an experienced family law attorney can help you work towards the most advantageous settlement possible.

Source: Realty Today, “Gwen Stefani Gavin Rossdale Divorce: No Pre-Nup; No Doubt Singer Denies Spousal Support from Rossdale,” Aug. 05, 2015

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