Prenuptial Agreements Aren’t a Bad Topic of Discussion

With so many of the long-term couples in Hollywood ending their marriages, the subject of divorce, prenuptial agreements, spousal support, and property division seem to be at the top of everyone’s list these days. Just last week, we discussed the split of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Just a few posts prior to that, we discussed the split of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. We know that seeing those couples split has probably had some people wondering what they can do to avoid going through a messy divorce.

While there isn’t any surefire way to avoid a messy divorce, having a prenuptial agreement can help. A prenuptial agreement can spell out what will happen to assets if the marriage doesn’t work out, as well as other factors. We know that thinking about this before you are married might not be pleasant. In some cases, however, discussing a prenuptial agreement might be necessary.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, you should make sure that any agreement signed is legally valid. In California, this means that you can’t sign the prenuptial agreement right before the wedding because there has to be time between the prenup and the wedding. You and your significant other both have to have your own attorney. A full disclosure of anything that affects the prenup has to be made.

We know that you probably want to place your focus on your upcoming wedding. We can help you to get a prenuptial together and to work on getting it signed in a legally valid manner. Having a prenuptial agreement is often a way to start the marriage off on the right foot since it lays everything out in the open from the start.

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