Child Custody Dispute? Don’t Leave the Outcome to Chance

Although money is certainly a concern for many Californians who are going through a divorce, for many of them, child custody and visitation are also critical factors. Some couples are able to resolve this matter amongst themselves, but sometimes, whether due to negative animosity or a real concern for their child’s well-being, some couples are not able to reach an agreement regarding custody and visitation. In these instances, the issue will be decided by a family law judge who knows nothing about the family other than what is presented to him or her. Yet, as we have discussed previously on the blog, this judge will try to base his or her decision on what supports the best interests of the child.

Since a judge can look to a number of factors when determining what is in a child’s best interests, it can be easy to try to craft arguments pertaining to each one. Although this is a strategy that could work, depending on the circumstances it may be better to pick a few key factors and focus on them. For example, if one parent has a history of domestic violence and even a history of emotionally abusing the child in question, that fact alone may be worth focusing on primarily and letting go of other issues that may not be as important, such as where the child will attend school.

The legal team at the Cianci Law, PC Creative Family Solutions knows how family law judges balance these factors, which means we know how to craft a legal strategy that supports our clients’ position. We gather physical evidence and witness testimony, always keeping an eye not on what is best for the parent, but what is best for the child. In addition, our attorneys are aggressive. They are not afraid of attacking the other side’s witnesses when needed or even calling the other parent to testify in an attempt to catch them in a contradiction.

Californians who don’t want to leave their child’s well-being to chance need to carefully consider how to approach this legal issue, particularly when it heads to court. Experienced family law attorneys stand ready to assist, but individuals should certainly look at the firm’s reputation and history of success before choosing one to advocate on their behalf.

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