We Know How to Find Evidence to Support Your Child Custody Case

Family dynamics can vary significantly depending on the people involved, their financial circumstances, and any number of other factors. When it comes to divorce, these dynamics can have a significant impact on how certain issues are addressed. For example, as we discussed last week, those who are in relationships where domestic violence occurs may be able to use evidence of that violence to buttress their case for sole physical and legal custody, as well as to limit the other parent’s visitation.

Domestic violence isn’t the only issue that can affect child custody and visitation, as the ultimate focus is on what type of custody and visitation arrangement furthers the child’s best interests. Therefore, evidence of a parent’s struggle with alcohol or drug abuse may be pertinent, and so, too, may any evidence of untreated mental health conditions. This area of the law is very broad, giving parents leeway to dig deep to find evidence to support their claim. For better or worse, parents thus need to be prepared to find this evidence and present it in a clear and convincing manner or, in the alternative, defend themselves against such claims.

The attorneys at the Cianci Law, PC Creative Family Solutions have decades of combined experience handling child custody and visitation matters. They know not only how to identify pertinent evidence, but also how to use it to craft a persuasive legal argument. Additionally, our legal team knows how to minimize the impact of damaging evidence, and, when possible, reframe the issue to show that a parent is being proactive in addressing an issue that has little or no impact on the child.

Just as every family has a different dynamic, so does every child custody dispute. For this reason, those facing one of these issues need to ensure that they are as fully prepared as possible before sitting at the negotiation table or entering the courtroom. Our firm has an extensive track record of success helping our clients find favorable resolutions to these issues. Those who want to learn more about how we may be able to help them can continue to explore our website.

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