There May Be Many Signs of Potential Divorce

The New Year often brings with it a slew of divorce filings. Disgruntled spouses often try to tough out the holidays so that their children can enjoy one last season with both parents together as a family. Yet, while many Californians have already made up their minds to seek marriage dissolution this year, others may not be so sure about how to handle their troubled marriage.

There may be signs that one’s marriage is headed for divorce. One of these signs could be that a couple experiences a breakdown in communication. When couples stop talking to each other about their problems, they can become emotionally out of touch with each other. In some instances, one person tries to communicate, but the other doesn’t, leading to anger and resentment at the communications breakdown.

Another sign of potential divorce is when one spouse feels like his or her expectations for the marriage are not being met. This is often seen in marriages involving children. When the decision is made for one parent to stay home, each parent can face unexpected, yet different, stressors than they may have expected when entering the marriage. One spouse may struggle as being the sole wage earner, while the other has difficulty being solely responsible for caring for the children during the day.

There are other signs that divorce may be in the wings. Couples may find themselves arguing about their finances, or one spouse may simply be trying to distance himself or herself from the other spouse. Regardless of the signs being exhibited, Californians who think that their marriage may be faltering should think about discussing their legal options with an experienced family law attorney. By having an open and honest discussion, these individuals may be able to develop a plan that leaves them emotionally satisfied and well-positioned to ensure their financial stability in the event that divorce is pursued.

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