We Handle Challenging Child Custody and Visitation Issues

Recently on the blog, we discussed domestic violence and the effect it can have on children. This is no small issue, as it affects thousands upon thousands of California families. Many of those individuals who find themselves in a situation where domestic violence occurs may be afraid to seek change, but taking action is often necessary to ensure their safety, as well as the safety and well-being of their children.

Even a history of domestic violence without recent incidences can play an important role in child custody and visitation determinations. It is important to remember that when assessing these matters, the court will try to make a decision that furthers the child’s best interests. Therefore, if previous domestic violence has had a negative therapeutic effect, and exposure to the environment where the violence occurred or an individual involved in that violence would further damage the child, then a court is likely to restrict that parent’s access to the child. At a minimum, there would likely be limitations put on that contact.

Our law firm understands the challenges faced by everyday California families, including domestic violence. We know how to present issues of domestic violence and substance abuse to the court in a way that allows the judge to see just how profoundly the children at issue have been affected or can be affected. Our attorneys also know how to use the evidence at hand to their clients’ advantage, which often leads to favorable out-of-court agreements.

Dealing with child custody and visitation issues can be extremely emotional, though, particularly when serious issues like domestic violence are involved. A skilled attorney, like those at our firm, can help California parents synthesize their feeling and fears into compelling legal arguments. It is our goal to persuade judges and juries by telling the story at hand through a legal filter. We take pride in our ability to do so and encourage those who are looking for assistance dealing with a family law issue to further consult our firm.

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