Angelina Jolie Seeks Increased Child Support from Brad Pitt

If you follow entertainment news at all, then you’re probably aware that superstar actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are amidst a contentious divorce. The filing came after an incident on an airplane that involved Jolie’s son and Pitt, who had been adopted by Pitt. Pitt later said that he had given up drinking after the incident, which fueled speculation. What is not speculative, though, is that the friction between these two individuals is so intense that their divorce process has essentially stalled.

One reason is that they seem to be focused primarily on their children and child support. In fact, Jolie recently filed a motion in court in hopes of obtaining a court order that forces Pitt to pay additional child support. According to Jolie, Pitt has failed to pay meaningful support, despite evidence existing that shows that Pitt has paid more than $1 million over the last year-and-a-half. The motion is still pending, so only time will tell whether the court will entertain any request for a child support modification.

As a result of these issues, Jolie and Pitt have not even exchanged financial information, which is crucial to the divorce process. Without an exchange of this information, the parties cannot negotiate property division or alimony. Although it can take some time to create a financial disclosure, as they must be accurate and thorough, it is a process that should not take two years.

Although many divorces end in settlement without the need for litigation, highly contentious marriage dissolutions like this one can easily find themselves being hashed out in a court of law. Californians who find themselves unable to talk with their spouse about basic divorce legal issues need to consider acquiring the assistance of a skilled legal professional who not only understands family law but also how to litigate these matters aggressively. This helps a spouse become well informed of their rights so they make the right decisions in his or her matter.

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