The Best Interests of Children Defined

After deciding to file for a divorce, there are a lot of things that you will have to attend to. If you have children, it will be of the utmost importance to have a custody agreement and parenting plan that attends to their needs. In court proceedings and discussions with your attorney, you will hear the phrase “best interests of the child” used. However, it is important to know what they are exactly referring to.

Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC can help explain what the best interests of the child mean in terms of your custody and parenting plans.

Explaining Best Interests

Unfortunately, there is not really a direct definition that explains what the best interests of the child are. In general, it is referring to the process in which the courts decide what actions and care arrangements will benefit the child and provide them with what they need. This means that the needs of the individual child will be assessed, and the parent’s ability to provide care for those needs will also be determined. Due to the fact that each divorce situation is unique, this process may look different for each family.

Demonstrating Best Interests

If you are caught in the middle of a custody case, there are ways to demonstrate your ability to meet your children’s needs. Consider bringing proposed parenting plans and visitation schedules, which will show that you are prepared to work together with your co-parent to raise your children. You could also keep track of and monitor your parenting time, demonstrating how you care for your children and everything you do for them.

Have Custody Questions?

If you are encountering custody issues or have questions that need to be answered, an attorney can help. The team at Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC is here to assist you and represent the best interests of your children.

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