The Benefits of Choosing Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be a bit messy and extremely taxing on an emotional level, especially when spouses go through the litigation process. Divorce litigation can be incredibly time-consuming, expensive, and leave all parties involved with too many wounded feelings. If you have children, you might even find it difficult to move past this experience in the aftermath of an especially hostile divorce. Fortunately, divorce mediation provides a path for families to get through this as amicably as possible.

Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

You and your spouse are likely experiencing a lot of stress and frustration right now and you might not believe it is possible to negotiate a divorce settlement right now. However, with divorce mediation, you and your spouse will benefit from the assistance of a third party, unbiased mediator who will keep negotiations cordial and focused, so you can accomplish the task at hand.

Your divorce mediator will not advocate on behalf of you or your spouse, so the process will feel less like a battle and more like a friendly discussion, which will ultimately be more conducive toward achieving a settlement that is mutually beneficial.

Below are some additional benefits of choosing divorce mediation to dissolve your marriage:

  • Since you will not have to go before a judge to achieve a settlement, you will not be at the mercy of the court’s schedule. Instead, you and your spouse can create a schedule that works for both of you, which will ultimately be more efficient.
  • During the divorce mediation process, your children are less likely to be caught in the middle of a nasty legal dispute since the process itself is far more cooperative. Therefore, they will experience less stress if you choose this path to end your marriage.
  • The divorce mediation process also allows spouses to keep the details of their split private, whereas the litigation is very much public. If you have concerns about privacy, mediation will ensure that these details stay between you, your spouse, and your mediator.

If you want to dissolve your marriage as smoothly as possible and experience fewer hiccups, consider mediation, and do not hesitate to seek legal guidance.

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If you are ending your marriage, the divorce mediation process will help keep this process civil, so you can start your new life with fewer emotional wounds. At Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC, our family law team will provide the legal guidance you need to amicably end your marriage and achieve the best possible results.

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