Help! My Ex Isn’t Paying Child Support

For whatever reason, your ex has stopped making child support.

You may be in a financial position where this missing support does lead to immediate or severe consequences for your family. You may have to cut back on certain purchases or say “no” to your child’s request at the store more often, but for the most part, you can still pay your bills, put food on the table, and stay afloat.

On the other hand, you may rely on child support to, literally, help support your family. Not getting these payments can leave you wondering how you are going to pay next month’s rent.

Regardless of your own financial standing, no one should be left wondering what to do if their ex stops making court-mandated child support payments. If you ever find yourself in this boat, here’s what can be done to enforce child support orders.

Consequences of Not Paying Child Support

In California, those who fail to pay child support payments face a variety of financial and legal ramifications.

Firstly, these individuals will accrue a 10% interest on any unpaid child support. This means that they will have to pay more by failing to make court-ordered payments. In addition, the following can occur for those who fail to pay child support:

  • Payments made be intercepted by California Public Employee Retirement system

  • Failure to pay notifications will go on the individual’s credit report and often impact it negatively

  • If owed child support surpasses $2,500, the US Department of State will not issue or renew an international passport

  • Liens can be filed on any homes that the person

  • Licenses, such as driver’s license or occupational ones, can be suspended or revoked until payments are made

In addition, the Department of Child Supportive Services (DCSS) and government agencies can intercept certain finances in order to collect all of the owed child support, including:

  • Personal financial accounts, including bank accounts and retirements funds

  • Tax refunds and federal tax benefits

  • Unemployment, disability, or social security benefits

  • Workers’ compensation benefits

  • Lottery winnings

Our Firm Is Here to Help Your Family

If your ex has stopped making child support payments, it’s imperative to seek out the help of a seasoned family law attorney who can help you during these times.

At Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC , we understand that every situation is different. Our caring legal team will look at your unique situation to determine how the law applies and work hard to ensure you receive your court-ordered child support payments.

Contact our Roseville child support enforcement lawyers at (916) 797-1575  to get started on your case.

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