More Women Being Ordered to Pay Alimony

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, can play a pivotal role in one’s post-divorce life. This steady stream of income, often paid on a monthly basis, can help ensure that a divorced individual who forewent a career and educational opportunities in order to raise a family or support his or her spouse can retain the quality of life he or she enjoyed during the marriage.

Traditionally, alimony was often paid by men to their ex-wives. However, as more women have entered the workforce and increasingly become the primary wage earners in their families, they are increasingly becoming responsible for paying spousal support. In fact, one recent survey of divorce legal professionals indicated that 45 percent of those surveyed have seen an increase in cases where women are paying alimony to their former husbands.

So what does this mean for women? On the frontend of a marriage, it means that they may want to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement that reduces or eliminates the potential for alimony. However, such an agreement usually cuts both ways, so it may only be wise to enter into such an agreement if a woman knows that she will be making significantly more than her husband. This reality also highlights the importance of being prepared to aggressively argue one’s position during divorce proceedings.

Getting divorced is never easy. There are often unexpected consequences, and to those who are not prepared, the outcome can be nothing short of shocking. This is why it is often of critical importance that those who are about to go through the marriage dissolution process discuss their situation with a skilled and experienced family law attorney who can help protect one’s best interests.

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