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Marriage dissolution can have serious financial ramifications for Californians. One reason is because what was once one household being supported on two incomes must become two households supported by the same income. This can be challenging for a number of reasons, and it can affect anyone. However, it can be especially painful for those who are either ordered to pay or receive alimony.

As we have discussed previously on this blog, spousal support may be ordered in instances where one spouse gave up his or her education and/or career in order to take care of his or her family. This may mean raising children or foregoing one’s own education so that he or she can financially support the family while the other spouse furthers his or her education. These monthly payments are usually based on income and one’s historical standard of living. This means that there can be a wide range with regard to the amount of alimony that is ordered from case-to-case.

With thousands of dollars on the line each year, Californians need to ensure that they adequately represent their interests in hearings regarding spousal support. Whether you are hoping to avoid having to pay alimony, seeking to recover an extensive amount to meet your needs or modify an existing order for the payment of spousal support, you would probably benefit from the assistance from an aggressive, dedicated and skilled legal professional like those at our firm.

Equipped with years of experience, each of our attorneys dedicates himself or herself to truly listening to their client needs. Then, with a deep understanding of how best to help their clients, our attorneys go to work to gather the evidence and develop the legal arguments necessary to succeed in negotiation or litigation. Of course, no particular outcome can be guaranteed, but our law firm is immensely proud of its record of helping Californians start a new chapter in their lives while maintaining their financial well-being.

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