Looking for an Amicable Divorce Option? Consider Mediation.

If you’re like most of us, you have probably heard a few divorce horror stories, whether on the news or from a friend. For some people, these terrible situations may even seem like a deterrent to end your marriage, despite being unhappily married.

While finding an amicable end to a marriage may not be an option for some people, it is important to understand that the option is available. Not all marriages end in lengthy, drawn-out courtroom battles. Instead, you may decide to resolve all or some of the issues relating to dissolving your marriage through mediation.

When you decide to useĀ mediation to end your marriage, you will work together with an impartial third party to come to an agreement on any or all of the disputes before you.

Through mediation, you can decide how your property and other assets will be divided after the split. By approaching your divorce through mediation, you can avoid the common adversarial pitfalls that occur in the courtroom and often draw out the length of the proceedings.

In addition, mediation can be used to reach amicable agreements regarding custody and child support. A mediator can help you and your former spouse reach an arrangement regarding parenting time, visitation, financial concerns, and health insurance issues.

In addition to finding a more agreeable manner to end your marriage, mediation also offers other specific benefits. For instance, if you are concerned about your personal matters being discussed publicly in a courtroom, mediation can ensure those issues remain private.

In addition, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to dissolve your marriage, mediation typically leads to substantially lower bills than going to court.

At the Cianci Law, PC Creative Family Solutions, our attorneys are skilled divorce mediators who understand the challenges you may be facing. We are prepared to work with you and your soon-to-be former spouse to reach an appropriate agreement.

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