Domestic Partnerships: When It’s Time to Separate

While divorce courts should not show any bias toward gender or sexual orientation, this does still happen in some cases, and it’s important to have legal representation who understands these challenges and can fight for your rights and interests. Custody battles and other issues involving children when a partnership ends can be especially contentious, and it’s important to go into those types of legal proceedings well-prepared and with a good understanding all of the possible outcomes may be. It’s also vital to have an action plan for the future.

Almost everyone has some idea of how the separation process goes, but just like when starting a relationship, the plans and hopes don’t always work out. When things go awry or the unexpected happens, having an attorney on hand to answer questions and provide advice can make it easier to work through each obstacle and push forward.

Ending a domestic partnership is an emotional and lengthy process, just like a traditional divorce. It takes time to sort through all the issues and separate the best interests of any children involved from the emotional issues that tend to overwhelm these situations. Even in a case where the couple has no children, there can still be ongoing legal disputes about living arrangements and how any joint property should be divided.

When doing anything with the family courts, knowledge is power, and this is where we can help. At the Cianci Law, PC Creative Family Solutions, we talk with you to get a full understanding of your family situation and what the likely issues will be. Then we bring our experience and resources to work for you, so you can concentrate your efforts on keeping your life as stable as possible during this time of transition.

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