High-Asset Divorce Cases Require Untangling of a Web of Assets

Seeing your marriage come to an end is a difficult sight, but for some people, that brings other issues into question. People who have considerable assets and those who have businesses often have a big headache in store. We can help you to untangle the web of asset interests that is likely hindering the progress with your divorce. We can help investigate, value and assess a variety of asset types.

Determining the value of a business isn’t as simple as just looking at how much it is worth. In the case of a business, you also have to take the business debts and liabilities into account. Loans taken out to finance the business have to be considered. The structure of the business also has to be considered.

In most cases, the assessments and valuations of these businesses, as well as retirement accounts, real estate holdings and investments, will have to be done by professionals. You should hire your own professionals, and we can help you with that. Your ex might also hire people, and your people might not agree with the people your ex hires.

In the absence of a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement, it can be difficult to come to an agreement about the division of marital property. We can help you to keep your rights protected whether there is a prenuptial agreement or not. As we work through the process of getting the assets divided in accordance with California laws, we can also help you to learn about the tax implications of the division. This can help to reduce unforeseen tax issues down the road.

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