Divorce Questions Might Not Appear on Census Bureau Surveys

One thing that many people use to define certain trends in family structures is the information collected by the United States Census Bureau regarding marriage and divorce. Some people might think that this information is rather important, but new information coming from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that not everyone agrees. The government agency has proposed that some marriage-related questions be eliminated from the American Community Survey.

Some experts say that removing the questions would leave a hole in the data regarding social trends and economic changes in family data. Those who are against removing the questions say that it could impact a variety of things, including Social Security. Despite those objections, the Census Bureau says those questions are in the low-benefit and low-cost category.

There are other ways that the number of marriages and divorces could be tracked. That, however, might prove difficult. Some states, including California, don’t give out divorce statistics. With that in mind, there is a chance that removing the questions from the Census Bureau survey could make it difficult to make some predictions. Social Security, for example, could use the Census Bureau information to determine how many citizens would be married or divorced when they are ready to collect benefits.

Some people prefer their¬†personal lives to remain private. Those people might appreciate not having these questions on the survey. The one thing that this change wouldn’t affect is the fact that anyone who wants a divorce has to go through the legal process of getting a divorce. That means going through the motions at the courthouse. Even then, there might be ways available to help keep your private life private. Speaking to someone familiar with divorce laws in California could help you to determine the best way to handle your divorce.

Source:¬†CNN Money, “Should we stop tracking the divorce rate?” Kathryn Vasel, Jan. 08, 2015

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