Domestic Violence Awareness Month, How to Help

October is domestic violence awareness month, dedicated to acknowledging survivors and lifting their voices. Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC understands that domestic violence is often a driving reason behind divorce and separation. We want to provide the necessary information to help our loved ones through this difficult time.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence

First, it is essential to understand what constitutes domestic violence. While it is true that the definition includes physical and sexual mistreatment of a partner, other aspects of domestic violence often go overlooked. The official definition states that domestic violence is any pattern of behavior in a relationship that is utilized to gain power and control over the other person. Partners may engage in psychological, emotional, economic, and physical abuse, which all constitute domestic violence.

How to Help

Now that there is a general understanding of what constitutes domestic violence, Creative Family Solutions,Cianci Law, PC can explain how to help loved ones in these dire situations.

1. Make Time

When setting aside time to have a conversation with your loved one, make sure that you have enough time dedicated for the discussion. You don’t know what the other person is going through, so they may have many topics to cover. Give them the necessary time and space.

2. Encourage Conversation

Never force the other person to divulge information that they are uncomfortable sharing. Instead, create a space that encourages open and honest communication. Let the other person know that you are worried about them and care for their safety.

3. Listen and Validate

When you have conversations with your loved ones, make sure to actively listen and validate their experiences. Provide them with reassurances and let them know that the situation they are in is not their fault.

4. Find Resources for Help

When helping someone through domestic violence, having resources to help can go a long way. For example, create a safety plan just in case they decide to leave their abusive situation. This plan can include hotline numbers, a prepared go-bag, a list of places to stay, and other important information.

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We understand that domestic violence often results in separation and divorce. Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC is here to support you and your loved ones through this challenging process. Don’t navigate domestic violence alone.

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