Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Divorce

Divorce is a complex process, and the last thing you want to do is make it even more complicated than it already is. When you go through the divorce process, you should be mindful of what can either help or harm your case.

We made a list of what to do and what to avoid that you can use to prepare yourself for your divorce.

Do Hire a Family Law Attorney

You only have a 30-day period to respond to your divorce. Hiring an experienced family law attorney who knows the court system can help you get through avoidable complications.

Don’t Ignore the Divorce Papers

As previously stated, the time period to respond to your divorce papers after you’ve been served is short. If you want your voice to be heard by the court, it’s best you file paperwork in response to your spouse. Otherwise, you won’t have a say in the legal proceedings once your divorce moves forward through the court system.

If you’re not prepared for the divorce, your attorney can help you file your paperwork.

Do Explore Your Options

Maybe you don’t completely agree with the details of your divorce. Make a list of your assets and property that you would like to keep once the divorce is finalized. Your attorney can help you get your assets valuated (through a process called valuation) during property division so you can request them in the divorce.

On the other hand, if you do agree with the terms of your divorce, you can go through with an uncontested divorce. This means both parties agree with the terms of the divorce and can proceed with the process.

Don’t Turn to Social Media

While your divorce is being processed, it’s best not to post negative messages on social media or send angry texts or emails to your spouse. If your case goes to trial and the court is made aware of the messages, it can be used against you in court.

Sending abusive language via text or social media can have a negative impact on how a judge decides what you get in your divorce. It’s best to not talk about the divorce at all on social media during the process.

Do Prepare Yourself Financially

Going from two incomes to one income can take its toll on new divorcees. Give yourself the advantage of setting yourself up financially by opening a separate banking account if you don’t already have one.

If your spouse had a higher income than you, ask your lawyer to assist you with filing for spousal support during your separation and after your divorce. Wait until after your divorce is finalized to pay down any debt; you won’t know until after what all you will be left with paying and what your spouse will have to pay.

Don’t Go to Trial Without an Attorney

Once you go down the road to a contested divorce, you should not try to represent yourself. Divorce laws in California are complicated, and trials require an attorney present to represent you.

An experienced family law attorney can walk you through the divorce process. Don’t sign any paperwork without an attorney present. You don’t want to attach your signature to anything you don’t understand because you could unknowingly give up things that are important to you like valuable assets, custody, or even your right to contest your divorce. If your spouse gives you anything to sign, make sure you consult with your attorney first.

Do Contact a Knowledgeable Family Lawyer

We understand that each client’s case is unique and personal. Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC wants to help you make decisions that are well informed and will be beneficial to your case.

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