What to Know Before You Move

Anytime you’re considering a move, there are plenty of pros and cons to think about. However, when you are divorced with children and under the provisions of a custody order, it can make things even more complicated. Learn more about how moving can impact your custody order and when to talk to a California attorney.

If you are just moving across town, chances are you don’t need to involve the courts. Almost every court order has some kind of terms in place about how far a parent can move a child without having to notify the courts to see if a change in the order is necessary. Sometimes this is out of the state, out of the county or just out of the school district.

For thoseĀ planning to move a significant distance, it’s important to talk with an experienced family law attorney as soon as you begin considering relocation. While the California family courts cannot prevent a parent from moving, they can and do prevent children from relocating. This means that if you go forward with the move, there’s a chance the entire custody order could be reworked.

Talking with an attorney early on in the process ensures you fully understand the possible outcomes and implications of the move before any final decisions are made, such as accepting a job offer or selling your current residence. It also helps you think about and make a plan for how you will deal with custody issues as far as discussing things and making decisions with your ex once there is more distance between you.

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