We May Be Able to Help You with Child Support Modification

It’s no secret that divorce can be expensive. For many Californians, the financial impact of marriage dissolution can be equated to ripping off a bandage. Sure, it is painful at first, but the excitement of starting a new chapter in one’s life and restructuring one’s income and debts can result in a quick recovery. For others, though, the financial ramifications of divorce can be significant and long-lasting.

This can be especially true when an individual is ordered to pay child support. The everyday expenses incurred by a child can be expensive in their own right, but additional costs such as those associated with medical care can cause child support amounts to skyrocket. For noncustodial parents, this can lead to financial hardship that is difficult to overcome. It may even prevent him or her from making full child support payments. When this is the case, trouble can quickly snowball, resulting in penalties, license suspensions and even jail.

This situation doesn’t benefit anyone. Custodial parents may become unable to collect child support once a noncustodial parent falls behind, and the noncustodial parent may not see the point in paying some child support if it doesn’t fully meet his or her obligation. This is why custodial parents need to carefully consider collection options available to them when they are unable to collect the support they are owed.

Oftentimes in this situation, as well as when a noncustodial parent’s income increases or a child’s needs increase, a modification of child support may be warranted. In order to successfully modify child support to increase or decrease an obligation, evidence must be presented showing a change in circumstances. Considering that child support can last for a long time, Californians who are thinking about pursuing a modification need to be sure that they have the best evidence and legal arguments available to support their position.

A skilled family law attorney, like those at our firm, may be able to help with this process. Our dedicated team of lawyers are well-versed in this area of the law and are experienced at handling a variety of child support issues. We diligently work to ensure our clients’ voices are heard in a way that is persuasive to the judge hearing the case. As a result, we take pride in our record of success, which is why we believe our firm to be a great option for representation needs to many Californians.

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