Tips to Reduce Divorce-Related Stress

Going through a divorce is something that is very stressful. Even if the divorce is planned or if you are the one who initiated the divorce, the stress can still occur. There are some ways that people in the midst of a divorce can help to reduce the stress so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

One way that you can help to reduce the stress level is to learn all you can about the divorce process. This enables you to know what to expect. While you might have a few surprises along the way, you will likely be better prepared to deal with them.

Another way to reduce stress is to forgive and be willing to work with your ex. Even though your marital relationship is over, you still have points that need to be taken care of. Working together regarding the terms of the divorce, child custody, and other matters can help you feel more relaxed since you are an active participant.

You should make sure you balance your time. Some people tend to push people away when they are going through a divorce. That isn’t necessarily a good thing. You should give yourself time to focus on yourself, but you should also enjoy the support that your friends and family members can give you.

Other issues, such as worries about money, can also make divorce stressful. One way to reduce that stress is to learn about your rights during the property division process. Getting answers to your questions and understanding what you can expect out of your divorce settlement might help to reduce the financial stress.

Source: PsychCentral, “Reduce the Stress of a Divorce,” Jane Collingwood, accessed Oct. 29, 2015

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