Tips for Reentering the Workforce After Divorce

Reentering the workforce after a long absence can be tough under the best of circumstances, but if you are trying to do so in the aftermath of a recent divorce, it can prove even more difficult. Often, one party in a marriage sacrifices his or her own education or career advancement for the sake of the other partner or the children, but long lapses outside of work can leave you lacking in terms of marketable skills.

If you are among those looking to get back to work after divorce and start providing for yourself again, consider the following:

Try something new

While you may see going back to work as something of a struggle, it can also present a great opportunity for you to find something new that strikes a passion within you. Just because you worked as, say, a teacher before taking time off, that does not necessarily mean that is the only path you can take moving forward. See what types of jobs are open in your city, and ask your friends, neighbors, and contacts what they do for a living. You just may find exactly what you need to take your mind off your recent family transitions.

Spread the word

Everyone deals with divorce differently. Some people keep to themselves, while others try to keep busy by any means necessary. Regardless of which category you fall into, now is the time to make your job search known. Tell everyone you know about your plans to reenter the workforce. Odds are, somebody knows somebody, and often, a personal referral is all it takes to move your resume to the top of the pile.

Craft an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a succinct persuasive speech about yourself that you can use to make a fast impression in the time it would take to ride an elevator to the floor you need, usually lasting 30 seconds. Define what it is about you that sets you apart from the pack, and craft a several-sentence pitch that showcases you in your best professional light.

Going back to work can be scary, but it can also be just what you need to start building your confidence and supporting yourself post-divorce.

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