Reports: Hugh Hefner Had Strong Prenuptial Agreement

Regardless of how one felt about him, Hugh Hefner was a cultural icon who revolutionized the way our society thinks about sex and entertainment. Many people, if not most, thought of Hefner as an aging man who surrounded himself with young, beautiful women at his Playboy mansion. Because of this, many doubted the sincerity of his relationships, which seemed to always involve women decades younger than him, and instead left them feeling that the women in Hefner’s life were simply there for the fame and fortune.

Yet, according to recent reports, the 91-year-old multi-millionaire Hefner, who was married to a 31-year-old woman, has denied his wife any part of his estate through a strong prenuptial agreement and an accompanying will. Presumably, the prenuptial agreement was created to ensure that Hefner’s children were adequately taken care of upon his death, as they were specifically named in his will. Also, since Hefner had been married and divorced twice before, he likely knew the high-costs that could be associated with marriage dissolution without a prenuptial agreement in place.

Although most Americans don’t live the luxurious lifestyle that Hefner lived, a prenuptial agreement can still prove valuable to them. It can help settle important divorce legal issues before they arise, allowing a couple to focus on their relationship rather than financial uncertainty. Matters such as property division and alimony are often addressed in these agreements.

However, in order to provide protection to both parties, prenuptial agreements have to be valid. This can only be accomplished by following the law and ensuring that the agreement is drafted in accordance with the parties’ wishes. For these reasons, many Californians choose to turn to experienced family law attorneys for assistance.

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