Reality TV’s Top Socialite Couple Seeking Divorce with No Prenup

California is the land of celebrities, which means high-profile marriages and even higher-profile divorces. These days, it is almost unheard of for celebrities to get married without having a prenuptial agreement in place, but it does occasionally happen. And when it does, speculations run wild about how a high-asset divorce will play out without a prenup.

This appears to be the case in the recently announced divorce of Kris and Bruce Jenner, the heads of America’s favorite socialite family on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” At issue in their divorce is how the two will split their estimated $125 million fortune.

When they got married in 1991, Bruce was the more famous and wealthy spouse. His success as a former Olympic gold medalist allowed him to secure lucrative endorsement deals. But in recent years, Kris Jenner has become the higher wage earner due to the success of the reality TV series based around their family.

Because of Bruce’s changing role in the marriage, some speculate that he might seek alimony. One family law attorney interviewed by New York Daily News noted that “my understanding is that he’s subjugated himself and his career – his motivational speaking, training, and aviation business – to be the stay at home dad for the two children they had together.”

While the rest of their children are now grown, the couple’s two teen daughters are still minors. However, both are close enough to age 18 that there may be no need for a child custody dispute.

High asset divorces can be complicated, especially when there is no prenuptial agreement in place to guide the process. For this and other reasons, anyone seeking a high-asset divorce needs the help of an experienced family law attorney.

Source: NY Daily News, “Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner split: No prenup with $125 million fortune at stake could result in messy divorce for the couple,” Nancy Dillon, Oct. 9, 2013

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