Cianci Law Protect Digital Devices to Avoid Complex Divorce Issues

On its face, divorce seems relatively easy. Two parties who were once in love decide to end their relationship, divide their property, and go their separate ways. Although some marriage dissolutions are that straightforward, the vast majority of them are much more complicated. One reason for these complications is the expansive use of technology, including cell phones and social media.

While our lives have become more interconnected with our family and friends, they have also become inextricably linked with our spouses via technology. Oftentimes electronic devices are synced, meaning that individuals sharing the same household may have access to each other’s personal information, calendar, text messages, and emails. Although this can give rise to obvious security concerns, it can also jeopardize one’s legal position in a divorce.

This can occur in a number of ways. For example, a spouse who uncovers proof of infidelity or hidden assets can use that information to seek additional assets through property division or alimony. Also, when one’s email contains legal advice from his or her attorney and it is accessed by that individual’s spouse, important legal strategies can be exposed, which can undermine one’s position in settlement negotiations and litigation. To avoid these negative consequences, individuals who are even considering divorce need to carefully think about how to protect themselves from a digital point of view. Changing passwords, eliminating synchronization of electronic devices and carefully monitoring online accounts can help alleviate the risk.

Regardless of the specific facts of one’s divorce, having the assistance of an experienced, diligent and aggressive family law attorney can prove beneficial. He or she can assist in developing legal strategies that can persuasively present one’s position in hopes of protecting financial interests as well as relationships with one’s children. To obtain the personalized legal advocacy one deserves, he or she should carefully vet potential firms before settling on one.

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