Paul George’s Daughter at Center of Child Custody Case

Child custody fights are almost never pleasant. When a fight starts out with the father questioning the paternity of the child, there is a chance that the battle will get really nasty. In the case of the Pacers’ star Paul George, the custody battle over a 2-month-old child might prove to be one that will interest California readers.

According to the papers filed by the baby’s mother, a prenatal paternity test concluded that George is the biological father with a 99.9 percent probability. George’s spokesperson says that the case is routine, but that people might find it unusual that his client is willing to take his responsibility seriously. In fact, in February, George said that he would embrace being the child’s father if a legal paternity test shows him to be the child’s father.

As far as child custody goes, George is asking for full custody of the baby. The petition he filed would allow the child’s mother limited parenting time. He asserts that the mother can’t care for the child because she isn’t employed nor is she looking for employment. He says she is relying on others to care for the baby. He says that he could be a day-to-day parent for the child and would be able to support the baby.

The baby’s mother’s attorney says that his client doesn’t have a job because she is caring for a 2-month-old baby. The woman and baby have been living with family members since her birth on May 1.

On top of everything else, it still hasn’t been determined where the case will be heard. George has petitioned for the case to be heard in Florida, but the mother lives in New York.

This case shows how complex child custody cases can be for unmarried parents. Anyone who is going through a custody battle should determine what is in the best interests of the child and go from there with petitions to the court. Knowing the laws can help you determine if your petitions are suitable.

Source: USA Today, “Pacers’ Paul George wants sole custody if child is his,” June 30, 2014

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