Modifying Your Custody Agreement

Reasons to Modify A Custody Agreement

In California, making modifications to custody agreements can be done under certain circumstances and you can request to make modifications at any time.

You can work with an experienced attorney to seek modifications of your current custody agreement. However, before you can make changes to your agreement, you would have to establish and provide a reason for why the modification would be necessary.

Reasons to Modify A Custody Agreement

There are a few reasons that are common for parents to want to make modifications that are sometimes acceptable to a judge. These reasons can include:

  • Changes in circumstances.

  • Changes with your existing work schedule.

  • You or your ex are moving outside of your city or state.

  • Your child wants to spend more time with your ex if they’re the non-custodial parent.

  • Your ex is not responsible enough to carry out the current agreement.

  • You feel your child is being treated unfairly or abused.

Once you have established there is a legitimate reason for your custody agreement to be modified, your attorney can guide you through following the steps to legally makes the changes.

Making Modifications

When you’re ready to renegotiate your custody agreement, you can follow these steps to make a change to the order.

  1. Have your attorney assist you with obtaining a request form and any other forms that may be needed. Your attorney can help you fill out the form correctly.

  2. Once all of the forms have been completed, you should have them reviewed by the court’s family law facilitator. Your lawyer can review your paperwork and offer any legal advice.

  3. Make copies of all of the forms you sent to the court and keep them for your record.

  4. Your attorney can help you file your forms with the court clerk.

  5. Your attorney can also assist you with having the new court-ordered agreement served to your ex.

  6. These are a few of the basic steps to file for a legal court modification to your child custody agreement. Our family law attorneys at Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC are familiar with the court system in Roseville and the surrounding areas. We have experience in helping families make modifications and can guide you through this process.

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