How to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Children

For many Californians, divorce is something that they may have been building up to for a long time. They may have already developed a plan to secure financial stability and dissolve the marriage at a time that is suitable for them. However, for many children, divorce comes as an utter shock. This can be especially true when parents have maintained the façade of a good marriage in order to protect their kids. Being suddenly hit with the knowledge that their home will now be divided can leave kids traumatized. Yet, there may be steps that parents can take to ensure that their children are protected as fully as possible during the divorce process.

First, parents need to make sure they are keeping any divorce conflict away from their children. Exposure to heated arguments can only add to the trauma a child already faces. Second, it is often helpful for parents to come up with a plan for life post-divorce and share that with their children together. Communication is key during marriage dissolution, and kids will respond better to open and honest lines of communication.

It is also imperative to give notice before any major changes, if possible. For example, if one parent will be moving out of the home, then it might be easier for the child to adjust if he or she has a few weeks notice in order to prepare for the change. Also, regardless of how the divorce process plays out, parents need to do their best to foster a strong and positive relationship with their children. This will leave them better positioned to handle the hardships ahead and minimize the impact of divorce.

Of course, conflict is practically inevitable when a couple divorces. Negotiating and competently litigating those issues, though, with an eye on what is best for an individual and his or her child can leave them well-positioned to start their new life with confidence and security. Those who wish to develop a legal strategy to help them and their children reach that new life may want to consider speaking with an experienced family law attorney.

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