How to Identify Signs of Stress in Children After Divorce

Helping Your Child Adjust After Divorce

Divorce carries a heavy emotional toll for adults and children alike. If you feel stressed or unlike yourself after your divorce, your child may share similar emotions.

Here’s how you can identify signs of stress and help your child adjust to your “new normal” after a divorce.

Signs of Stress In Children

There’s no way to know if your child feels stressed until you understand the signs associated with stress in children. When it comes to telling your child about your divorce, they may not understand at first until after they notice a change in your family’s dynamics, living arrangements, and your relationship with your ex.

Here are some signs that your child may be struggling with stress.

  1. Your child doesn’t seem as happy as before your divorce.

    If you have noticed that your child may be sad more than usual or respond to minor problems by crying, your child may be stressed. It’s normal to show emotions, and crying may not directly result from the divorce. However, this could be a chance for you to step in and ask your child what’s bothering them.

  2. Your child has lost interest in their everyday activities.

    Have you noticed that your child doesn’t seem interested in their daily activities like they usually would be? Sometimes, kids who are going through difficult times withdraw and lose interest in things they love to do.

    If your child is spending more time alone, try talking to them about their loss of interest. Avoid bringing up your divorce and instead hear their concerns and reassure them that everything will be okay.

  3. Your child chooses to argue instead of express their feelings calmly.

    It’s normal for kids to feel overwhelmed after a drastic change; however, if your child chooses to react or act up unnecessarily, they may be having a hard time processing their emotions. If your child is acting up, it’s important to correct bad behavior as early as possible for your child’s mental health.

    These emotions may be short-term, but it’s still crucial that you address the situation and if you can’t correct their behavior, seek help from a professional.

    At Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC, we care about your child’s mental health and can help you find resources to help your child cope after your divorce. If you need guidance and are thinking about getting a divorce or are currently divorced and need assistance with your custody case, we are more than happy to help.

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