How to Help an Adopted Child Assimilate into Your Family

Welcoming Another Child

Adoption is an exciting adventure for all parties involved. When welcoming a new child into your family, however, it’s important to be aware of how difficult adjusting to a new environment and daily life can be at first. With compassionate understanding and thoughtful preplanning, you can pave the way for a seamless transition into your family and give your child the comfort and support they need.

Adopting a Baby or Toddler

Young children often benefit then the adoptive parents create a safe, calming, and understanding environment. If you’ve adopted a baby or a toddler, simple actions could reap major benefits, including:

  • Creating a calm space, especially for children who are used to barren walls and sterile environments. Avoid bright colors and a cluttered room. Instead, aim to provide them with a soothing area that will help them relax.
  • Learning what your child was used to in their orphanage or foster care and incorporating their favorite routines, games, and toys into life at home.
  • Holding your child often. Doing so awakens neural connections and strengthens their bond and comfort.
  • Allowing your child time to adjust to your home before introducing them to extended family and friends to avoid overwhelming your child.

Adopting a Teenager

When you adopt an older child or teenager, you adopt their past experiences as well. For these children, many of whom have already lived through significant formative years, adjustment can be a complicated feat. To help your child with the transition, you should:

  • Be consistent in routines, expectations, and rules.
  • Be available to help, support, and spend time with them.
  • Recognize when they may need professional help handling the emotions of adjusting to a new life.

Adoption with Multiple Kids in the Home

If your adopted child will be greeted by other kids in the home, you should take additional steps to prepare your family and the home. Openly communicate with your children about the process and the family efforts and expectations to make them feel at home. Incorporate the newest family member in favorite traditions and experiences and be open to their input regarding what they need to be comfortable.

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