How To Create A Parenting Plan

Tips to Create a Parenting Plan

In cases of child custody, parenting plans have a lot of benefits. They can help you and your ex communicate effectively, avoid conflict, and keep your goals for your child in mind for every decision.

Let’s discuss how to set up a parenting plan.

Start Early

Begin discussing your parenting plan as early as possible. This helps create stability for your child right from the very beginning. Having structure will help your child adjust to the new circumstances as quickly as possible.

Communicate Clearly

When sitting down with your ex to discuss the terms of your parenting plan, be clear about what you want, and also any concerns you have. Being transparent will help both of you be happy with the outcome.

Be Flexible

Be clear about what you want, but be ready for compromise. It is likely that both parties will have to agree to terms that aren’t ideal, but are necessary.

Also, leave flexibility in your plan. Circumstances may change, and it’s important for your plan to be able to change along with those life events.

Focus on your Child’s Needs

Have your child’s best interests at the center of every decision you make. After a contested divorce, some parents focus more energy on retaliation rather than on their child’s needs. Don’t let emotions guide your decision-making.

Avoid arguments by:

  • Staying on task: only talk about the parenting plan.

  • Avoiding blame: steer clear of ‘you statements’ such as, “you made me…” “you’re wrong…” etc.

  • Putting things into perspective: try and understand where your ex is coming from, and then discuss a solution.

When talking through the logistics of your parenting plan, remember that you both love and care for your child and want the best for them.

Work With An Attorney

While parenting plans are not legally binding, working with an attorney can help ensure that you have a solid, reasonable plan in place from the start. Family law lawyers have seen a lot, and they can help you and your ex understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to parenting plans.

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