How to Choose a Family to Adopt Your Child

Every woman has the option to choose whether or not she wants to be a mother. If you are pregnant and decide you aren’t ready for motherhood, you have options. One such option is giving the baby up for adoption. How do you choose the best family to adopt your child?

Create an Adoption Plan

You have complete control of the adoption process, from how you would like to birth the child to what sort of post-placement environment you would like for the child. The first step is to create a solid adoption plan that will give you peace of mind.

To begin an adoption plan, you should:

  • contact an adoption attorney;
  • decide what is best for you and the baby;
  • plan the hospital stay; and
  • decide how much contact you would like to have with the child.

Once you and your attorney have created an outline of the above information, you can begin the search for the person(s) you would like to adopt the child.

Choosing the Adoptive Family

The criteria you put in place for the family you would like to adopt your child is completely up to you.

Common questions to consider are:

  • Would you like to choose the adoptive family or would you like your attorney to choose?
  • Would you like the child to be part of a large family with siblings or would you like the child to be the first child?
  • Would you like the child to live in the city, suburbs, or the country?
  • How much contact would you like with the child as he/she grows up?

Once you have chosen the family, you will have an opportunity to get to know them before the placement. If, after meeting, you decide you would not like this family to adopt the child and would instead prefer to find a different family before the birth of your child, you can do so. Nothing is set in stone until 48 hours after the child is born.

Guiding You Towards What Is Best

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