How Is Quasi-Community Property Handled in Property Division?

At the end of a marriage in California, there will be many issues that could become the foundation for an extended dispute. People who are simply trying to move on with their lives and are hoping for a relatively quick and painless process could find that desire hindered by property division issues. While most people will have a basic grasp of community property and separate property, a frequent question asked is what will happen if it is not as simple as items either belonging to one or both based on the law. This is when it is important to understand the concept ofquasi-community property.

If one spouse or both spouses acquired a piece of property when they resided in a different state and, had they resided in California when it was acquired, it would have been viewed as community property. It will then be quasi-community property. This can apply to any type of property such as real estate, artwork or anything else. During a divorce, it would subsequently be viewed as community property and subject to state law for that.

An example that can clear up any confusion would be if a couple was living outside California at a certain time in their marriage. If both were employed and purchased a motor vehicle and then moved to California and are getting a divorce, the jobs they had in the other state as well as the vehicle are quasi-community property and would be viewed as them having purchased it in California and subject to property division. With that, the vehicle and the earnings that purchased it will be assessed in the context of property division when the divorce takes place.

Gettingdivorced can be a complicated matter and many people are completely unaware of quasi-property division and what it means. This can cause more issues as the case moves forward. When getting a divorce, it is imperative to have legal advice from a law firm that has a firm grasp on all property division laws including how quasi-property division is dealt with. Calling for advice and representation can help with this and any other information a person needs.

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