Firm and Fair Negotiations for High-Asset Divorce Disputes

Last week, we discussed how divorce can affect your financial status. While this might not be a concern for some people, it might be a top concern for others. The reasons why people might be concerned or not concerned vary, but the fact remains that those getting a divorce should get a settlement that lets them start their new journey on the best path possible.

We know that you need to get a settlement that gets your new life moving in the right direction. If you have considerable assets, businesses and financial accounts, you likely want to hang on to as much as possible. While some might say that is greedy, we know that you just want to maintain your current lifestyle. You shouldn’t have to suffer while you are going through the divorce and after the divorce simply because you aren’t going to be with your spouse any longer.

There are various California laws that you have to consider when you are working toward a property division settlement for your divorce. Keeping up with all of them means learning about new laws or statutes as they are signed into law. This can prove to be a complex undertaking. Instead of spending all your free time trying to learn about the current laws and statutes, you can let us handle the legal aspects of your divorce while you handle the other aspects of your divorce.

We know that you likely want specific assets. We can work on your behalf to find ways to make that happen. We know that you don’t want to be held down with all the marital debts when your marriage is over. We can work to ensure that you are only left with the debts you can comfortably afford.

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