Family Law: ACTIVE Marriage Might Curb Divorce in Military

It is a widely accepted fact that military marriages are placed under a lot of strain. Time away from your spouse and frequent moves can make it difficult to build a stable marriage. That isn’t to say that military marriages aren’t going to make it. Instead, it means that the only military marriages that will work are those in which both parties can come together to build a strong marriage.

Military marriages require ACTIVE work. The acronym ACTIVE stands for appreciation, communication, teamwork, individuality, vitality and empathy. Spouses that take those six principles to heart and use them might find their marriage improving. When you think about those six principles, you might discover that they are already a big part of your marriage.

Is there a way to improve how you show your spouse appreciation? If so, try to do new things that show how you appreciate your spouse.

Do you communicate with your spouse in a productive manner? If not, start to listen more and take turns speaking.

Do you work with your spouse or against your spouse? As a married couple, you should make big decisions together. Neither spouse should feel like a visitor in the home.

Do you take time to improve yourself? If not, you should start. While you are half of a couple, you are still an individual. You should do things you enjoy that will help your overall happiness.

Is your marriage boring? If you answered yes, you need to breathe life back into your marriage. Try something new with your spouse or go back to doing something you both enjoy.

Do you make an effort to understand your spouse? If not, it is time to start working on empathy. Let your spouse know you understand his or her feelings. Put yourself in your spouse’s shoes for a bit to see how things feel to him or her.

There are some instances in which even following these suggestions might not preserve and strengthen a marriage. In those cases, learning about divorcing in California while in the military can help you learn your rights and responsibilities throughout the process.

Source:, “Active Marriage Keeps Divorce at Bay” Elizabeth Cabibi, Dec. 29, 2014

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