Ending Toxic Marriages

While our society has an idyllic view on marriage, not everyone has a positive experience with their partners. In fact, toxic marriages and relationships are more common than you think.

Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC wants to help explain what a toxic relationship is while also providing advice on how to end the relationship. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Toxic Relationships Defined

Toxic marriages are a relationship where partners do not equally support one another. You may notice a sense of competitiveness and an overwhelming amount of negative experiences in the relationship in general. One partner may try to undermine the other, leading to more conflicts. You may find yourself constantly having to apologize for minor things as well.

You may also notice these other toxic behaviors within your relationship:

  • Your partner does not value your thoughts or opinions
  • Your partner makes all of the major decisions
  • Your partner keeps secrets, such as hidden bank accounts
  • You don’t feel safe or secure with your partner
  • You don’t have personal space or a social life

This list is not exhaustive but these are common warning signs of toxic relationships.

Ending Toxicity

While you may feel hopeless in your toxic marriage, this does not have to be the case. You can put an end to your relationship and come out on the other side much stronger. Here are some ways to put a stop to what is happening in your life.

  • Work to become independent from your spouse, especially financially
  • Plan for a place to stay during your transition period
  • Let loved ones know what is happening in your life
  • Seek professional help, including an experienced family law attorney
  • Be strategic in telling your partner the news
  • Give yourself an appropriate amount of time to process and heal

Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC Can Help

If you or a loved one are ending a toxic marriage, know that our experienced team can help. Having an attorney on your side means someone will fight for you and get the outcome you deserve.

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