Divorce Is a Time of Reinvention and Dream Realization

When most people think about starting over after a divorce, they probably think of having to start from scratch. That, however, isn’t always the way that people going through a divorce should think. For people in California, there are a plethora of opportunities to put the experiences you have lived through to good use. One way to do this is to start a business.

That isn’t to say that this will be easy, but divorce can be a good platform to jump into something new. Some people choose to go back to school to further a career. Others might opt to start a business. In either case, having a good divorce settlement might put you into the position where you can realize your dreams. It might make it possible to pursue endeavors that you were blocked from pursuing while you were married.

Both Martha Stewart and Margaret Mead enjoyed great success after divorcing. For many people who are going through a divorce, moving past the initial shock and negative feels of the divorce can be the most difficult obstacles to overcome.

One 59-year-old divorcee opted to head to our great state after her divorce to pursue an acting career. She went back to school to earn her Masters in Fine Arts before making the big move, but she followed her dreams.

With all the possibilities awaiting you after your divorce is final, it is important that you get the best head start possible with a strong settlement. Knowing California laws regarding property division, spousal support and other aspects of divorce might help you to get a jump on your dreams.

Source: USA Today, “Let divorce be an entrepreneurial springboard” Gladys Edmunds, Jul. 30, 2014

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