Dividing Property in a Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Stresssful

Understanding the process of getting a divorce in California can be confusing. Having an attorney from the Cianci Law, PC Creative Family Solutions, who can explain every detail can be a relief. We practice all aspects of family law to include divorce, asset distribution and even custody issues of all types.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you get what you need out of a divorce. We listen to your interests and goals and give you the needed guidance to ensure that you get what you deserve.

We practice family law and that means that we help you navigate the most difficult issues that can be emotionally charged and financially challenging. Are you worried that your spouse may try to get more than his or her fair share of the property that you jointly own? The process of untangling marital property is usually complex and stressful. The more assets involved, the more emotionally difficult it can be. You may have a significant stake in the property and need extra attention from your legal team. This can happen when you most need it from our law office.

Our law office deals with high asset property division all the time and has experience in dividing businesses, including S and C corporations and even LLCs. If you are a professional and have a practice, including a doctor’s office, a dental office, veterinary office or real estate firm, you will find that we can help you¬†divide your assets effectively and efficiently¬†without a lot of fuss.

Being assured that your attorney is doing everything that is possible to get you your fair share can give you peace of mind. That is what we deliver, assurance and peace of mind.

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