Court Closures

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented about of uncertainty in the world. Our courts are no exception. Perhaps you’ve read the news and wonder if the courts in California are considered “essential” under Governor Newsome’s stay at home order. Perhaps you’ve tried calling the courts to see what is open. Common questions tend to surround how child custody and visitation are impacted by the pandemic. Will the other parent and I have to exchange the child? What if this exchange crosses state lines? What do I do if the other parent won’t ensure compliance with social distancing?

But family court is more than just child custody and visitation. Unfortunately, each individual county court system is empowered to make its own decisions regarding services offered and/or closure during this pandemic. This can cause even more confusion! At Cianci Law, PC we are actively in communication with the court personnel in a number of counties to try and obtain the most current information we can for our clients.

While not every courthouse is “open” these days, one courthouse is –Placer County Superior Court. While the only hearings taking place at the moment that are relevant to family law issues involve restraining orders (domestic violence, civil harassment, elder abuse, and/or gun violence) and some emergency hearings pertaining to temporary guardianships, conservatorships, child custody and visitation, the courthouse is open and accepting filings. If you have a request for a hearing, the court is calendaring those hearings. This is in stark contrast to other counties who have not only closed to the public but are not even accepting filings.

If you do have a non-emergency matter that needs to be calendared, we are encouraging individuals to do that sooner rather than later in order to ensure that your court date comes as soon as possible. The time to obtain a hearing or court date during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Placer County is approximately 120 days.

All of this is to say, we are open and ready to serve you through this crisis. Our office employs technology which permits all of our staff and attorneys to work remotely without a disruption in services to our clients. We can schedule meetings for you via phone or via Zoom to keep everyone a healthy social distance apart.

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