Common Reasons for the End of a Marriage

Although divorce can arise out of any number of circumstances, there are a few common themes. One of the most common reasons for divorce, for example, is infidelity. Although many think of this as meaning a physical relationship, infidelity can involve emotional relationships, too. Individuals can also spark up online relationships via social media that leave the other spouse feeling like they are being cheated on.

Another common reason for divorce is money problems. Those who are living paycheck-to-paycheck can find themselves overwhelmed with stress. Figuring out how best to spend and save money can leave couples in discord, especially when each party seems to want to live two completely different lifestyles.

Addictions can also lead to marriage dissolution. Whether an individual is addicted to gambling, alcohol, drugs, or pornography, a spouse can feel like he or she is losing their loved one to this issue. This is particularly true when an addiction gets to the point that it becomes a priority in an individual’s life. Here, family life can take a backseat, leading to marital strife.

These issues are by no means the only ones that can cause relationship issues. As they grow, some couples find that they are incompatible with one another for various reasons, whether it be where they want to live or if they want children. Unexpected events can also cause a marriage to falter. The sudden death of a loved one or the necessity of having to care for an aging relative can create a marital strain that can be difficult to overcome.

Of course, all of these issues can be overcome by many couples, but not all. Those who find that it is time to end their relationship with their spouse, for whatever reason, need to ensure that they know how to handle the family law issues that await them. To do so, they may find it beneficial to speak to an attorney who is competent at handling property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support matters.

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