Child Support Modifications and Legal Assistance

The circumstances surrounding a child support order modification request vary and are specific to the parties involved. Sometimes, child support modifications may be able to be handled through the child support enforcement agency, but it is also possible to end up back in court months or even years after your original order was finalized.

One common situation is when one party requests a review of the child support. When this happens, the child support enforcement agency usually conducts a review out of court where they request updated financial records from both parties to determine if one or both have had a significant change in income or child-related expenses that might warrant a change in the child support amount.

If the child support agency decides that a modification to the original child support order is warranted, a notice will be sent to all parties involved. If you or your ex disagree with the child support agency’s decision, you will usually have the option to appeal to have the case heard in the family courts. While it is not usually necessary to have a lawyer while going through the initial review process, once you find out you’re headed to court, legal counsel can be of great benefit.

At the Cianci Law, PC Creative Family Solutions, we can help you understand if you have any mitigating factors that may warrant a child support change, and we can also help you make sense of any paperwork that you receive from the child support agency. If you end up in court, it’s also important to have someone knowledgeable about child support in California to negotiate on your behalf and work to protect your financial interests.

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