Can the State Help in Collecting Overdue Child Support Payments?

When a California court decides that a parent should pay to support a child, it is done with the best interests of the child in mind. The amount ordered is what is deemed necessary for the child to survive and thrive. If the parent fails to make those payments, it is a legal violation and it can cause problems for the supporting parent and the custodial parent. Custodial parents should remember not to take matters into their own hands when there is a child support dispute. There are steps that can be taken by the state to collect child support. Knowing how to go about getting this help is key.

When there is a child support order, the local child support agency (LCSA) can be contacted for help in collecting. The idea of the LCSA is to assist parents and children. It can find parents who are not making the payments as they should be and use various methods to get the payments. Examples of what LCSA can do if a parent is not adhering to the order is to: report it to a credit agency; deny them the right to renew a passport; place liens on property; suspend a driver license or a professional license; inform the Franchise Tax Board; intercept income tax refunds; take assets from financial institutions; intercept disability insurance; intercept unemployment insurance; intercept workers’ compensation payments; and intercept lottery winnings.

In addition, if there has been a significant change in the income of either parent, the support amount can be changed to reflect that. It can also make changes based on family status if, for example, the parent who is receiving the support remarries. There are other situations that can impact the amount that should be paid in support and the LCSA can help those who are affected by any of them.

The financial needs of the child are the main concern when there is an order of child support. If a supporting parent is not meeting his or her end of the bargain, it is imperative that the custodial parent go through the proper channels to recover those payments. In some instances, it is a minor issue that needs to be corrected. In others, the supporting parent is simply refusing to pay. When dealing with child custody and support concerns, a law firm that is experienced in state family law can help to recover the payments. Calling for help is the first step toward getting the payments current.

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