Can I Get a Summary Dissolution?

In California, some couples disagree about almost every aspect of their divorce. In such instances, a trial is almost unavoidable. In others, the couple might not be outright hostile toward one another, but the divorce is complicated for some other reason. For some, however, the circumstances are such that the couple can get a summary dissolution. This can be a far easier process than other types of divorces.

There are requirements to qualify for a summary dissolution. They include the following: the couple must have been married for less than five years; the couple does not have any children and they are not expecting a child; they do not own buildings or land whole or in part; and they do not rent any buildings or land apart from where they currently live, provided they do not have a single year lease or an option to purchase.

The couple cannot owe more than $6,000, not including car loans. The couple cannot have separate property valued at more than $41,000, not counting cars. They must agree that neither party will ever receive spousal support and must sign an agreement that will split the property and debts – including cars.

For residency, they must have lived in the state for the previous six months and in the county where the filing is made for the previous three months. It is still possible to file for a legal separation if these criteria are not met or they can wait until they have lived in the location for the required amount of time before filing.

Most divorces are not simple enough to meet the requirements of a summary dissolution, so it is imperative to understand when a couple can use this alternative. Many people can benefit from this process and end their marriage quickly. Having assistance from a law firm that handles all areas of divorce can help with a summary dissolution or a more complex case and should be called for advice as soon as possible.

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