California Firm Helping Draft Surrogacy Agreements

Despite living in the technological age, there are certain things that even the most cutting edge scientific approaches can’t fully address. One of those issues is infertility. Many Californians suffer from infertility, and a significant number of those individuals find themselves worried about how to build the family they have always wanted. For those who can’t and want more options than adoption, surrogacy may be their best option.

As we discussed previously on the blog, California has laws that are specific has to how surrogacy arrangements are to be created. Specifically, the state’s laws specify certain terms that must be addressed in a surrogacy agreement. This agreement is meant to protect both the surrogate mother and the future parents so that all parties involved know what not only what will happen when the child is born, but also to whom the responsibility of paying for medical care will fall. Although some of this may seem like common sense, an ambiguous or vague surrogacy agreement can have disastrous consequences.

This is why those who are contemplating surrogacy should consider discussing the matter with a qualified family law attorney, like those at the Cianci Law, PC Creative Family Solutions. Our team of dedicated legal professionals knows what is at stake when dealing with these agreements, which means we rely on years of experience and knowledge of the law to ensure that our clients can rest at ease knowing that their surrogacy agreements clearly delineate the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.

Choosing an attorney to handle such a delicate matter can be a difficult task, especially when it seems like there is an attorney’s office on every block. However, we encourage those who are looking for legal representation to carefully vet their prospective legal representation to ensure they will receive the advocacy they deserve. By looking into our law firm, many Californians have chosen us to help them with the challenging family law matters presented to them and we strive to get them the results they want.

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