California Cop and Wife in Complex Family Law Battle

Every relationship will have good times and bad times. For some people, the bad times in the relationship are really bad. For one police officer in California, who is currently suspended, the bad times in his relationship have made news headlines. Now, he is filing for divorce.

The officer has been arrested two times for domestic violence. He hasn’t been charged in either incident, but he has been suspended without pay. His wife is on probation for domestic violence.

Now, he is seeking a divorce and custody of his two daughters. He has made allegations against his soon-to-be ex-wife that she is a drug abuser and alcoholic who is bipolar and poses a danger to their children. He even alleges that she hit one of their daughters hard in the back for no reason.

In response to the allegations, the wife says that none of them is true. She claims he is trying to blame her for his job loss. She says he needs help.

This twisted case is an example of just how complex family law cases might end up. Both parties claim domestic violence and other issues have occurred. It is important for the best interests of these two young girls to be put before any other considerations.

Anyone who is facing a similar situation should learn about the possible outcomes of his or her family law case. Learning all you can about the laws surrounding your case might help you to decide if you need to petition the court for certain things, such as child custody, or how you should answer the petitions from the other party.

Source:, “Cop accused of attacking wife files for divorce” Angie Lee, May. 07, 2014

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