Best Apps to Use for Co-Parenting

Best Scheduling Apps to Help With Co-Parenting

Parenting is a busy job, especially when you have to co-parent from different households. But, did you know there are apps you can use that can help take away some of the stress related to co-parenting with your ex?

Our attorneys work with clients who are working to build healthy co-parenting relationships every day. We see how different schedules, poor communication methods, and more factors can affect relationships between co-parents.

Here are a few apps you can use to keep track of schedules, store messages, video chat with your kids, and more.

Our Family Wizard

One of the most popular parenting tools on this list is Our Family Wizard. Parents and attorneys widely recommend this app because of its highly-rated user reviews and its abundance of features. Information stored in the app is accepted by family courts and some courts even suggest parents use it to communicate.

Here are a few details about the app:

  • Keep financial records of money spent during visitation.

  • Use ToneMeter to help with communication and avoid emotionally charged phrases.

  • Has a message board to stay up-to-date and communicate with your ex.

While there is a fee of $99 per year, there’s a 30-day free trial you can use when you sign up. Our Family Wizard is a great app for you if you want to keep things organized and professional between you and your ex while co-parenting.


The good thing about Cozi is that any family dynamic can use it to co-parent, meaning whether you and your spouse are separated or not, you can benefit from using it. With Cozi, up to twelve people can share and add to the family’s calendar, keeps track of notes, share pictures of your kids, and add a description of

However, unlike Our Family Wizard, courts don’t require you to use this app specifically for co-parenting (although you can use any app that works for you). It also has a free option to use!

Using apps to co-parent is a great way to build a routine with your ex and add a sense of normalcy over time for your kids.

Our Roseville divorce attorneys at Creative Family Solutions, Cianci Law, PC can provide you with resources and legal advice for your co-parenting and visitation needs. Call us today at (916) 797-1575 to schedule a consultation!

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