Are More People Getting Social Media Prenups?

Indeed, more couples are waiting longer to tie the knot. And when they do, they tend to consider prenuptial agreements that include a variety of clauses unheard of in the past. With today’s post, we will highlight the trend of social media prenuptial agreements.

Yes…you heard right; agreements that couples will enter into basically promising not to post disparaging messages or pictures on social media sites after a breakup. With more people sharing their lives on the Internet through Facebook or Instagram, more vengeful exes are looking to get even through “revenge porn” (i.e. naked pictures and sex tapes taken specifically for a significant other) on the Internet for everyone to see.

This is likely based on the notion that once you post something on the Internet, it is like a bell that cannot be unrung. Because of this, couples are agreeing to pay penalties of as much as $50,000 for violations of these agreements. These penalties stand to be compensated for the emotional pain and humiliation of having private, yet embarrassing, moments maliciously put onto social media sites. After all, the trauma of having everyone a person knows seeing private expressions can be unimaginable.

To some people, the thought of even considering a social media prenup may be an indicator of underlying problems in the relationship that have not yet been exposed. If you have to legislate actions that may occur after a marriage is over, it may be best not to enter it in the first place.

Nevertheless, if you believe that a social media prenup is right for you, an experienced family law attorney can help.

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