An Uncontested Divorce Might Be Easier for You

Getting a divorce doesn’t always have to be difficult. In fact, it is sometimes possible to work with an ex to get an uncontested divorce in California. In some cases, the mere unwillingness of a spouse to reply to notices can be enough to have an uncontested divorce. Most of the time, uncontested divorces are much easier and a lot faster than contested divorces.

As we have often discussed, there are a variety of aspects of a divorce that most people want to be part of. These include property division, debt division, spousal support, child support, visitation and child custody. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement on these aspects, you might be able to sign an agreement. Of course, that agreement has to meet the legal guidelines, so you have to ensure that you are making a decision that is legal under the California Family Code.

Issues with the children, such as child support, child custody and child visitation, in particular, have special considerations. While it is important for you to understand all the aspects of the settlement, you have to make sure you know all about these issues. Going over the agreement in fine detail is one way to do this.

If you are the party that is listed as the defendant in the divorce, you have to make sure that you respond to the petition. Failing to do so could be devastating to your side of the case. Even in your response, you should make sure that you fully understand every point. Don’t waste any time when you are responding, as there are time limits for responding.

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